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Flagger In Yellow Reflective Gear Holding A Sign That Says "Slow" To Direct Traffic Through A One-Way Lane

Is a Career as a Flagger Right For You?

Roadway construction can become a hassle and cause commute issues. A work zone can cause sudden changes and congestion on your daily route. A proper work zone cannot function without flaggers directing the flow of traffic and alerting drivers of changing conditions. Flaggers must be able to set up work zones and detours quickly while staying alert at all times. Do you think you would strive in this fast-paced environment? Keep reading and find out if a career in flagging

Maintenance Of Traffic Equipment On Shoulder Of Road For A Work Zone

Work Zone Safety Tips: The Road Ahead

WORK ZONE SAFETY An unexpected work zone can be a commute killer. Work zones are necessary but can add stress for motorists and work zone workers alike. Work zones are created to keep everyone safe but are only truly effective when motorists abide by the rules. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there were a total of 762 fatal work zone crashes in 2019*. There were also 135 worker fatalities in road construction sites. As we can tell, proper functioning work

Filling In The Cracks: How to Spot and Address Pavement Failures

As we look forward to the warmer months, now is a great time to assess your parking lot’s integrity and aesthetics. The colder months can be especially rough on pavement, so it is beneficial to keep a close lookout for pavement failures. The best defense for pavement failures is a watchful eye – the smallest damage can lead to costly repairs if you wait too long. Resurfacing your lot in the Spring/Summer months is a great way to restore your